Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the sizes of the skip bins?
A. We provide skip bins from 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 cubic meters. As per our experience, we find that a normal household will require a 3 or 4m bin
Q2. What is a cubic meter?
A. A cubic meter is measured by the 1m depth x1m width x 1m length. Our general rule of thumb is a level box trailer is approximately 1 cubic meter.
Q3. What type of waste/rubbish can I put into the skip bin?
A. You can put general house hold rubbish into the skip bin, like old furniture. No tires, procurable or contaminated waste. We have a separate skip bin for asbestos.
Q4. What do I do about Asbestos?

A. Asbestos is harmful when improperly handled and can cause lung diseases. Asbestos CAN only be handled by certified asbestos removalists, we can supply a skip bin that certified persons can use. We also supply the plastic needed. Once filled, the skip bin is then collected and disposed of at an approved landfill. No other materials are to be placed in the bin with asbestos. For more information please visit Government website for Asbestos. Should you require an Asbestos bin, please contact us. Orders will be taken through our office to be professionally handled.

Q5. What do I do about insulation?
A. Insulation is to be treated as Asbestos and cannot be mixed with any other waste type. Please contact us.
Q6. To what level can I fill my skip bin?
A. All skip bins must NOT be filled higher than the rim (we can be prosecuted for unsafe or overloaded transport). Take Away Bins could refuse to take your skip bin until the overload waste is removed. You can order another skip bin should you require it at your cost.
Q7. What happens if someone else fills my bin?
A. Unfortunately, you are responsible for the skip bin from delivery to collection. We suggest you place the bin within your property and consider placing a tarp over it when not in use. We also recommend that you book the skip bin for the days you intend on using it.
Q8. How much notice do I need to give for the skip bin to be delivered?
A. Our website takes all next day deliveries up until 8pm daily (depending on availability) & anytime for the following days deliveries. You may call us for urgent transactions at 1300 73 69 79.
Q9. Can I get a specific time on the day of my delivery or collection?
A. Unfortunately NO, due to unforeseen traffic conditions, it is impossible for Take Away Bins to provide a timeframe. However, upon your order, you will find a comments box where you’re able to request a time for delivery or collection (In general: morning times are 7am till 12pm & afternoon is 12pm till 2pm.) The supplier will endeavor to meet your required times. We also recommend that you phone us on the morning of the delivery as they may be able to give you a better estimated time for your skip delivery.
Q10. How long can I have the bin for?
A. Generally we will allow the bin to be kept up to 7 days, however, keep in mind that when placing the order, your quote may differ the longer you require the bin. Should you need the bin longer than first specified, please phone ahead of collection to reorganize a time if possible.
Q11. Can I have the skip bin collected earlier then date specified?
A. Yes, you can by contacting Take Away Bins.
Q12. Do all skip bins have an access door?
A. Not all skip bins have access doors. 4 cubic meters have a ramp for wheelbarrows (only) access. Our smaller skip bins don’t have access doors or ramps, as the mini skips sides are waist high which make it easy to place your rubbish in. Only 10m skip bins have door access.
Q13. Where do you place the skip bin?
A. Skip Bins are usually placed on your driveway; generally, where the truck can fit. You can request that the skip bin be placed in a specific area. We do recommend that you place your skip bin within your property to avoid other people placing rubbish in it. All bins are placed on Public Property i.e. we will not put skips on the Road without a permit, though most nature skips would be fine.
Q14. What are Fire Ants?
A. Fire ants are dangerous imported pests that could spread to large areas of Australia. If you are moving certain soil, you may be required to have a site inspection done prior to the disturbance that will take place. For more information visit QLD Dept. Primary Industries – Fireants.
Q15. Can we request to have the bin delivered onto the road?
A. Should you wish to place the bin on the road, it will be necessary for you, the property owner, to make an application for a permit with the local council where the skip bin is to be delivered to.
Q16. How wide is the truck? Will it fit down my driveway?
A. There should be a 3-meter clearance with no sharp bends and no low over hanging wires or trees. The skip bin trucks are longer in length and need more turning room. However, you can request to have the skip bin left in your driveway. However, we leave the ultimate say to our professional drivers as they are experts at maneuvering their trucks.
Q17. Will the skip bin damage my driveway or grassed area?
A. Generally, no, however there is always a risk. Should you have concerns we do recommend that you provide 2 or 3 lengths of timber no less than 2 meters in length to be placed under the skip bin if your driveway is painted, stamped or tiled. As for grassed areas, keep in mind that the skip bin delivery trucks are 4 tons and over in weight; should your ground be soft or drenched there is a large possibility that the skip bin trucks will leave tire impressions. Placing the skip bin on the lawn will also cause impression marks. We would like to ensure that all drivers make every effort to take all possible care with the placement of the skip bin.
Q18. I don’t like to pay via the internet, does Take Away Bins have any other payment methods available?
A. Take Away Bins offer a credit card payment method. We take visa/master card. We also offer an EFT (Bank Transfer) option. For all other payment inquiries, please contact us on 1300 73 69 79.

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Not Sure How Much Bins You Need?

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