Commencement Date

The State Labour Government has imposed a levy in addition to landfill disposable charges commencing 1st July 2019.

Cost of the Levy

This is a very substantial levy charged at a rate of $75.00 per tonne of waste and will be increased yearly by an additional $5.00 each year starting 1st July 2020.


1. Waste from a disaster such as from a flood
2. Asbestos
3. CLEAN Earth100%
4. CLEAN concrete 100% ( if any plastic, dirt or slightest bit of contaminate the bin will be deemed to attract the levy)
5. Possible green waste with no contaminate – waiting on further advise from the tips.

Bin Charges

We have been monitoring the weight of our bins for some time now and haved formed an average weight for each bin size.

You will be charged the normal cost of the bin plus the levy based on the average weight of the bin.

If there is a large discrepancy of your bin weight the invoice will be adjusted accordingly.


1 x 6M BIN = $310
Average weight is 2.73 tonne X Qld levy $75 = $205

Not sure how many bins you need?
Try our Bin Calculator for an estimate.

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