What size skip bin do I need?

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How many cubic meter skip bin do I need?

Need a skip bin for your renovation or cleaning up after a tenant has left? Getting the right sized skip bin is imperative, so small and you have to fit the leftovers into a council bin or worse case hire another skip bin, which gets expensive. Hire a bin that is too big for your project and your paying more than you need to.

A lot of our clients are unsure if they require a 3m skip bin or a 5 m skip bin for their rubbish removal. At Take Away Bins, we have designed and tested our “ Skip Bin Calculator” We have provided numerous ways to work out what size skip bin is required for your project, ensuring you get the right size bin and don’t pay to much for your skip bin hire.



Everyone has different ways of trying to work out what size skip bin is required, so, we have developed 3 effective ways to calculate the size of skip bin required for your project.

  1. You can estimate how many box trailers would be required to move your dirt, rubbish or building material.
  2. Council bin, everyone has got one, estimating how many council bins you would require getting rid of your rubbish.
  3. Still finding hard to determine the right skip bin size? Has all your waste been piled up in one spot? No worries, we have a pile calculator.

Once you have chosen one of the above methods, simply click the link below, use your chosen method (Box trailer, Council Bin or Pile) to estimate the correct skip bin size bin required for your project. Simple. We have a large range of skip bin for hire at very competitive prices.



Still having trouble choosing a skip bin? No problem we can work it out for you. Give us a call 1300 736 979 or chat with us on our website, simply click the blue icon on the bottom left-hand side of the webpage, We are here to help with your skip bin hire.

Support a local family-owned business, and we have been providing skip bin hire in Brisbane for the last 30 years

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Got more question, check out our helpful Frequently Asked Questions.




Not sure how many bins you need?
Try our Bin Calculator for an estimate.

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