Skip Bin Hire around Brisbane

We provide Skips as follows:          What you are not allowed to place in our bins!
1.5m ~ 1.8l x 1.0w x 800h          1. Car Tyres
 2m ~ 1.8l x 1.4w x 900h          2. Liquids
 3m ~ 1.8l x 1.4w x 1.25h          3. Chemicals
 4m ~ 2.6l x 1.5w x 1.20h          4. Food
 4m ~ 3.0l x 1.54w x 960h w/Door          5. Contaminated Soil
 5m ~ 3.0l x 1.5w x 1.20h          6. Asbestos ~ *see below
 6m ~ 3.6l x 1.4w x 1.22h         
 6m ~ 3.6l x 1.5w x 1.30h w/Door         
 8m ~ 3.05l x 1.6w x 1.5h         
 9m ~ 3.8l x 1.7w x 1.56h          ( See our Price List here )
10m ~ 4.5l x 1.5w x 1.6h w/Door         

Contact us to discuss your removal needs and we can go through our Brisbane skip bin hire process with you.

*You are not allowed to place asbestos in with rubbish skips - you must have a special skip for only asbestos! If your bin is found to contain asbestos, it will be back charged at the rate of an asbestos bin of that size.
View more information on our Asbestos Removal Skips below

Asbestos Removal Skip Hire

What is Asbestos?
      Asbestos is a mineral rock which was processed into manufactured products i.e. (fibro). Asbestos fibres when breathed into the lungs or swallowed have been linked to three respiratory diseases - asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer.
Asbestos was contained primarily in buildings and dwellings built prior to 1990 and even after second hand materials were still being used that contained asbestos.

Asbestos Removal
      If you need to remove asbestos we provide enough black plastic to double line the bin. You then place the (damp) asbestos in the bin and close the lining. We pick up the skip you hired from us and we dispose of the asbestos at an approved landfill site.

Skip hires in Brisbane

Skip Bin Hire Terms & Conditions

All our bins can be retained for up to seven (7) days which will be automatically collected after the seven (7) days unless you phone to have it collected earlier or you nominate a specific day for collection. If you require the bin hire for longer than the seven (7) days please enquire for our extended hire rates. The bin may only be filled to the rim as it is illegal to transport overloaded bins. Although you may have the bin on the footpath if it does not impede access we don't allow the bins to be placed on the road without prior permission
1. Rubbish must NOT exceed the lip of the rim of the Bin.
2. The area must be clear of any obstruction when collecting the bin.
3. Payment is to be made on drop.
4. All Asbestos Bins must be located inside the property.

Payment Options

Payment is made by:
1. Paying Cheque or Cash to the driver on drop
2. By paying by Credit Card, Mastercard or Visa to the phone operator which will be put through when your skip is dropped.
3. You may also pay by direct deposit which must be made on, or before your skip is dropped and confirmation must be faxed through to the office.

Skip bin hire in Brisbane

Contact Information

PO Box 4106, Gumdale Q 4154
 1300 736 979
 Fax: (07) 3901 1580

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