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Asbestos skip bin hire in Brisbane Take Away Bins is a Family Owned Skip Bin Business which commenced operations in 1997 providing affordably priced Mini Skip hire in many Brisbane Suburbs. We also provide for businesses and trade a 30 day account which you can apply for by completing this
Pdf Account Application Form or
Skip Bin Office Open Monday - Saturday                Office Account Application Form

Asbestos skip bins in Brisbane

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We supply locally made skip bins across Brisbane as follows:

  • 1.5m ~ 1.8l x 1.0w x 800h
  •  2m ~ 1.80l x 1.4w x 900h
  •  3m ~ 1.80l x 1.4w x 1.25h
  •  4m ~ 2.60l x 1.5w x 1.20h
  •  4m ~ 3.00l x 1.54w x 960h w/Door
  •  5m ~ 3.00l x 1.5w x 1.20h
  •  6m ~ 3.60l x 1.4w x 1.22h
  •  6m ~ 3.60l x 1.5w x 1.30h w/Door
  •  8m ~ 3.05l x 1.6w x 1.5h
  •  9m ~ 3.80l x 1.7w x 1.56h
  • 10m ~ 4.5l x 1.5w x 1.6h w/Door


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Asbestos skip bins in Brisbane

Asbestos skip bins in Brisbane

Asbestos is a mineral rock which was processed into manufactured products

 You are not allowed to place asbestos in with rubbish skips - you must have a special skip bin only for asbestos!

Skip Bin Hire in Brisbane


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 1300 736 979
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